Brixham Railway Heritage Trail Project

A railway heritage trail being devised and created by interested local people to commemorate the long lost Brixham Railway line. On the 13th May 2024 it will be 61 years since the line was closed and the track pulled up.


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Painting of Brixham Station by Mike Jeffries – Brixham station in the 1950s with 0-4-2T 1466 awaiting the signal for the off !

About the Brixham Railway Heritage Trail Project

On the 13th of May 1963, the Brixham Branch Line and Brixham Railway Station closed for good, after 95 years of service.  It was affectionately named The Brixham Whippet, running back and forth between Brixham and Churston stations.  The original track was just over 2 miles long and it carried passengers, fish and other goods.

The Brixham Railway Heritage Trail Project is an exciting community led initiative to repurpose the mile long derelict track into an accessible trail which will showcase Brixham’s rich geological, economic, and cultural heritage.  This will then join the second leg of the proposed trail across the housing estate, following as much of the original route as possible, before arriving at the top of Rope Walk Hill near the site where the station used to be.

We are planning a series of illustrated signboards along the route, full of fascinating historical facts and pictures of this important Brixham landmark.

The Seal of the Torbay and Brixham Railway Company
BRHT first sign, Rope Hill Walk, Brixham

Along the way, there are so many stories to reveal and tell.  These include Brixham’s fishing industry, holiday camps, Mr Fish – the farmer, Agatha Christie, World War II aviation fuel sidings, American Army Engineers and Churston Court.

This is a unique opportunity not just to tell the story of Brixham, but to provide an interconnected journey to places of heritage and history in the area and, crucially, to bring together a wide cross-section of community groups as well as visitors with diverse interests.

Our ultimate vision is to create a trail that will be accessible to all – seasoned walkers, cyclists, families with children in pushchairs, visitors using mobility aids.  A pleasant and peaceful route across the picturesque Devon countryside.

However, time is running out to save this important historical landmark! We are seeking to ensure the preservation of the disused line section of the route from future building developments.  For that we need lots of local support to prove that enough of us care and want to see it saved for future generations. 

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The Brixham Railway Story

The Brixham Railway story is facsinating, especially the early days and it has been the subject of  some excellent books and talks from local historians.

As time goes by, fewer and fewer people living in Brixham and Torbay even knew it existed.  That’s why we feel that it’s more important than ever to make a lasting commemoration for future generations to learn about and enjoy.

We hope to tell the full story on this website too including more about the man who championed and funded it from the very start – local solicitor Richard Walter Wolston (1799-1883).

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Planned Events

We will be showcasing the old Brixham Railway and it’s history through a series of local exhibitions, online presentations and more.

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How You Can Help

Donate/Lend Memorabilia

We would love to hear from anyone who has:

  • Brixham Station memorabilia
  • Photos, Film Archives or slides
  • Artifacts such as Brixham Station Record Logs or Tickets
  • A story to tell about the Brixham Branch Line
  • Anthing else that could help with our project

Any suitable memorabilia can be handed in at Brixham Museum

Train Ticket - Brixham to Churston 2nd class single
Train ticket Brixham to Paignton, Third Class


There will be a number of opportunities to help, including cutting back overgrown vegetation from track sections and assisting at exhibitions.

Let us know if you would like to help so that we can let you know what needs doing and when.

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