This information has been taken from the Brixham Western Guardian archives held at Brixham Heritage Museum.


A new station on land bought by GWR at South Furzeham Road had been considered. Now abandoned due to the construction of sidings on site. It was decided to renovate existing station.


There were plans for a cliff railway from the Quay up to the station level. The Chamber of Trade/ Council were not keen on this


Preparation for the erection of new stables on garden plot by station began


Renewal of permanent way between Churston and Brixham


Brixham Council gave permission for a postbox to be put in the wall owned by GWR in South Furzeham Road


Water shortage due to drought caused disruption to services


Brixham Council turned down a request from the Station Master for a timetable board outside Town Hall as it would look unsightly


During the General Strike, trains were manned by volunteers, one of whom was a member of the clergy.


Application made by H G Fear on behalf of GWR for two 32 seater buses to be used on the Brixham to Paignton route. This was granted by Brixham UDC and referred to the Area Licensing Committee.


There were rumours Brixham Station would shut permanently. GWR stated this was not true


The ‘Whippet’ was withdrawn in an economy cut for at least 6 weeks. Goods and fish services were not affected


Comment in ‘Brixham Gossip’ column about possibility of the branch closure. Article requested people to be alert and fight for it’s retention.


On this day, it was stated that the 5.10pm from Brixham on the following Saturday would be the last steam train from the town


Brixham Council against proposal to close the line


British Railways to rent station land out. Brixham Council were only interested in building on it.