It has recently come to our attention that there is some political literature in circulation voicing negativity towards the Brixham Railway Heritage Trail project.

The Brixham Railway Heritage Trail (BRHT) group has no political connections, is run by volunteers, and has to date enjoyed much positive support from the community. It is a project to benefit the community, enabling people to enjoy the countryside in a safe way avoiding roads as much as possible. There are also educational benefits as it will bring attention to the local history of the area and involve schools in the project, by way of talks and visits to the trail itself.

There was recently some work carried out on the bridge at Churston village, this involved some scrub clearance and installation of rails. The work was entirely carried out, and paid for, by National Highways as they are responsible for any remaining bridges on old railway lines, known as The Historical Railways Estate.

The BRHT group seeks to preserve the wild trees and vegetation lining the trial and which forms a valuable part of the nature experience.

In any case, consultation will be undertaken with the relevant environmental organisations to ensure the project is executed to provide the best benefits to wildlife possible.
Necessary permissions will be sought from the land owner and agents, and Brixham Council, both of whom have been supportive.

If you have any further queries, please contact us

Brixham Railway Heritage Trail 2023.